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Curriculum & Instruction


Columbus staff prides itself on providing students a broad education in the hopes that students will become life-long learners. Teachers and support staff have adopted diversified teaching strategies in order to meet individual student learning profiles. Grade level teachers provide instruction in all academic areas and strive to meet or surpass state and national standards. Educators facilitate learning by providing a wealth of hands-on, cooperatively-grouped, and multi-disciplinary educational activities.



Columbus offers excellent reading and math reinforcement programs to students needing additional instruction. Our Reading Corps program provides a Full-time Elementary Literacy Tutor to support K-3 students developing literacy skills.



Students at Columbus have the opportunity to delve into specialized programs. Musical skills are developed through an extensive instrumentarium and presentation of extraordinary concerts. Columbus hosts competitive youth sports teams as well. A creative physical education program includes exposure to lifelong sports and daily physical exercise. Art education, as well as the use of technology, continue to be a focus at Columbus.



A broad variety of educational enrichment extensions are made available to all Columbus students. Four times yearly, all-school programs funded by our active Parent-Teacher Organization, are offered. Students also have the opportunity to participate in two to three yearly educational field trips! Adults from across the community are actively engaged as guest speakers, classroom resources, and in one-on-one student instruction.