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Working Together

Columbus Elementary's shared vision is to promote academic excellence in reading, mathematics and writing. To implement that vision, Columbus encourages parent and community involvement as well as promoting a positive school climate. Our school organization, as a result, offers a safe, disciplined and orderly environment which promotes academic responsibility, creativity and FUN!



Columbus works to realize this vision by fostering creative thinking and problem solving skills for independent learning in a changing world, assisting students in realizing their individual values, recognizing and providing for each students' emotional, academic, social and physical needs, supporting and encouraging students and staff, faculty and community wellness by modeling a positive attitude, and challenging and supporting students as they strive for excellence.


Vigorous support for parent and community involvement provides an enhanced student environment. Columbus Elementary offers specialized learning programs such as Extended Day for students in first through sixth grades after school. Enrichment activities are facilitated during and after school hours. These activities often incorporate family and/or community involvement.