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Fourth Grade

Our teachers!

Mary DeFord

Joslyn Mathison

Mathison w/kids

Fourth grade is an exciting transitional year where students transfer from a primary grade into an intermediate level and are encouraged to become more responsible, independent learners in an integrated curriculum program.


Through a "hands on" learning approach to mathematics, fourth graders discover the concepts of multiplication and division. Problem solving, measurement, geometry, fractions, math journaling and computation are also areas of challenge presented to our fourth grade students.
Fourth grade teachers plan fun learning experiences as they team teach art, social studies and science curriculums. Our art curriculum focuses on the basic art principles of landscape, architecture, perspective and animation while exploring different types of media.

Social studies emphasizes geography of the seven regions of the United States with added content of the history and citizenship relevant to the regions. Science is presented 3 units:  Water Cycle, States of Matter, and Electricity.

Fourth grade teachers engage their students in fun, challenging educational experiences that will enable children to reach their highest learning potentials and become successful life long learners.

DeFord w/kids