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Physical Education

Our teacher!

James Moyer



At Columbus, Physical Education is a cooperative effort between the Physical Education teacher and the classroom teacher. Kindergarten through third grade students have physical education class five times each week. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders participate in Phy-ed. classes twice weekly.


Students enjoy a variety of activities including team sports, recreations, multicultural, and cooperative games. Units usually last two weeks and at the conclusion of each unit students are selected for the Hall of Fame. Four to six students are chosen for each class for their outstanding participation, sportsmanship, and cooperation. Doing one's best and working cooperatively together are emphasized.



Each May, Columbus hosts a Track and Field Day for each grade level. Fifth and sixth graders attend a district-wide Track and Field Meet at the Senior High School.

Some of the events featured are: the hurdles, standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw, basketball shoot and classroom tug-of-war. Columbus students truly enjoy the opportunity to have daily Phy-Ed. classes as well as participate in other district-wide youth sporting events!