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Sixth Grade

Our teachers!

Kyle Fletcher


Rose Dalske

Sixth grade at Columbus Elementary School is dedicated to preparing students for a successful junior high experience with a team approach to teaching that involves students being placed in blocks that rotate between math, literacy, and exploratory subjects. Our math emphasis takes students through algebra, statistics, 2nd and 3rd dimensional geometry, and number sense. Our literacy curriculum allows the students access to literature in all genres, encourages independent reading of choice materials, involves whole group novels as well as small group literature circles, and prepares students for public speaking for life.  Students will write in a variety of ways including journaling, creative writing, responding to literature, and a formal research paper. Social studies focuses on Minnesota studies including physical geography, history, the Ojibwe and Dakota people, government, and economics. Our science curriculum is broken into three main units: Motion, Matter, and Energy. Those units are taught through a combination of interactive lectures and discussions followed by hands-on exploratory labs. Favorite student projects include the Egg Drop Challenge and Building Bridges.  The sixth grade education is rounded out with art experiences including: visual art in the classroom and performance art through band, orchestra, or choir.